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“We have been in RI and Southeastern MA our entire lives, and it is obvious that this is the best Indian Restaurant around.”

Welcome To Apna Punjab

The Punjab (meaning, "land of five rivers") region is an area straddling the border between Pakistan and Northwestern India. Punjab has a long history and complex cultural heritage. As the historical gateway to the interior of India, the region has been influenced through the ages by the Persian, Greek, Turk and Pakistanis. The resulting culture of the people includes one rich in philosophy, diverse religious groups living side by side, poetry, education, music, architecture, warfare, traditions and of course, cuisine!

Punjab's hearty food has evolved to sustain a majority of people working in the fields. Many of the most popular elements of Indian cuisines originate with the Punjabi people including Tandoori cooking, Naan, Pakoras and vegetable dishes with Paneer.

Apna Punjab translates to "our own Punjab." We are eager to share with you the food of our culture, our families and our memories- we bring you Apna Punjab!


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